Status report!
Status report!

Hi guys,

Well its finally nearly here, my first full season since 2001 and i can't wait!!

Everyone in the team is raring to go and i can't wait to get on circuit on saturday morning. Its come round so quickly after taking the flag and winning the last round of 06, it'd be great to win the first of the year as well!! First things first though we've got a lot of work and setup's to run through in free practice on saturday morning- there's quite a few changes both me and Matt want to try, but we're both pretty confident we have a good baseline setup to work from.

No one ever really knows where they are in relation to others until the first qualy session. Even at media day there were teams running race distance set ups etc and weren't showing their true colours. I wasn't out during the best part of the day also due to my clutch going 5 minutes in- so i'm eager to see where we really stand also.

TD will also be an addition to the timesheets and they looked to be going well at brands on friday when my team mate was testing. Matt did a mornings running, i had my new engine being put in as i'd lifed out the old dog i'd been testing with so i was only out at Rockingham on Thursday. Matt and i ran well although the day was ruined by some very indecisive weather that meant it was neither wet nor dry, we had a nice balance in these conditions though with slicks on the front and wets on the rear (which can often be used in races as well).

I look forward to seeing you all at Brands, make sure you give us a cheer, we the underdogs looking to cause an upset!!


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