Well again a bit more encouraging at croft for me although we're still struggling for one lap speed in qualy which is hurting us because it means your in the thick of things for the first race and that can dictate the rest of the day.

We're not getting a car i like quick enough at the moment and it took until the second race on sunday until we got what we'd been trying to achieve which was to get the car to unsettle the rear on turn in. This is what you ideally want in a front wheel drive car to stop you cooking front tyres and it worked well in race two where i didn't get the drop off that both me and Matt have been experiancing all year.

It could have been a great weekend if it wasn't for the collision with Jordan in the 3rd race. I had followed Matt Jackson home in the first two and he managed 3rd in the final race of the day and i think another top 5 was on the cards. Mike was apparently a passenger when he smashed into the side of me at Sunny- John George had braked mid corner and clipped mike into the air and across the grass on the inside where he then hammered into the side of me as i was minding my own bussiness mid-corner. It caused a load of damage so i retired to the pits.

Its just the sort of luck we're having at the moment that when things finally start to turn round with then knocked back down again. My team mate had a dire weekend with 3 DNF's so it was nice to give the team a bit to smile about in race 2.

We're going to get out for a test before Oulton which should help us no end to understand the car a bit more. We're also recruiting a very experianced engineer to help with the improvment- he's got alot of experiance with the Toledo being a SEAT engineer for the WTCC squad.

We can but hope, i really want to start racking up some points now!

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